<h2>CAMPBELL INTERNATIONAL</h2> <h3>Company Name:</h3><p>CAMPBELL INTERNATIONAL</p> <h3>Tel:</h3><p>+911612673930, +911613120122</p> <h3>Fax:</h3><p>+91-161-2671188, 2676179</p> <h3>Email:</h3><p></p> <h3>Website:</h3><p>www.campbell-india.com</p> <h3>Country:</h3><p>India</p> <h3>State:</h3><p>Punjab</p> <h3>City:</h3><p>Ludhiana</p> <h3>Zip/Postal Code:</h3><p>141010</p> <h3>Address:</h3><p>E-127, Focal Point</p> <h3>Main Product:</h3><p>Bicycle, Parts, Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Agri Tools, Cutting Tools, Threading Tools, Carpenter Tools, Mason Tools, Workshop Tools, Automotive Tools, Door Fittings, Brass Fittings, Steel Hardware,</p> <h3>Company Profile:</h3><p>Manufacturer & Exporter of various light engineering products, established in 1992 having 100% exports to several countries. ISO-9002 certified. All products carry our usual Quality Assurance. Products are got manufactured exactly as per buyer's specifictions. Development of new products (within our Line) is undertaken on demand. Our motto is "Let us Grow Together " </p>